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Bethlehem Lutheran Church

History of Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Bethlehem Lutheran Church had its first worship service on April 17, 1955


First Pastor:  Rev Waldemar Hintz  (1955 - 1961) 

     Rev. Robert Winkle (1962 - 1966)

     Rev. James Bornzin (1967 - 1974)

     Rev. Verner Johnson (1974 - 1980)

     Rev. Gordon Pease (1981 - 1988)

     Rev. Virgil Bud Thompson  (1989 - 2004)

     Pr. Roy Jeremiah (2005)

     Pr. Erik T.R. Samuelson (2005 - 2010)

     Pr. Roger Bruggink (2010)

     Pr. Steven Wee (2012)


Celebrating our 60th Anniversary - Sunday October 25th, 2015


In 1954, the United Lutheran Church purchased the parsonage at 3308 E 18th Ave. in Spokane, and brought the Rev. Waldemar Hintz to Spokane to seek out Lutherans and organioze a congregation. They met in a building at 27th & Ray, known as the Lincoln Heights Betterment Club. After gaining 50 members, we formally organized.


We initailly met in the Lincoln Heigts Congregational Church building. Arthur Torvie was the most active member working with

Pr Hintz. They had a continental breakfast each Sunday after church.


The active womens group, WELCA was organized in 1955. They held monthly meetings in the members homes and one of the first projects was making layettes for the Booth Memorial Hospital - a Home for Unwed Mothers.


We purchased the current building site at 2715 S Ray in 1956. With help from Bauer's Contruction Co. and Bill Trogdan (Architect),

we finished the first phase of the building and moved in during the fall of 1959. Members all shared in the construction and painting work. Our first service in the building was a big celebration followed by a big potluck dinner.


We changed our original name from "Advent Lutheran" to "Bethlehem Lutheran" in about 1959.





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