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We Celebrate the Love and Grace of God 


In Christ Jesus, We are Committed to...

       Making Christ Known!


In Worship 

Our life together is centered in the Good News that in Jesus Christ we have forgiveness of sins and the promise of new life.  We proclaim the Word of God and celebrate the gifts of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  


In Learning and Fellowship 

We believe that learning God's Word is vital for our life with God and with one another.  We offer bible study and adult fellowship opportunities.  Bethlehem houses an independent, community preschool program designed to offer young children a healthy setting to grow, learn, and delight in the world around them! 


Outside Ministries:

  SPEAR - Youth program in East Central Neighborhood

  Lutheran Community Services NW

  Mission Community Outreach Center

  2nd Harvest Food Bank

  AA Support Group



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